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welcome to dank       delivery dc



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place order 

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after order you will need to text your order to :-+12028098521

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Steps To Get Gifted:

How does it work? Simple – first you need to place order from our website then you send in a selfie and a copy of your photo ID. Once we confirm you are 21+ you’ll be ready to receive FREE gifts.

Must be 21 & over to receive gifts. We will not deliver on federal/local government grounds.after placing order from our website . Please send in a selfie and copy of your photo ID to (202)-809-8521. We will send you delivery instruction . Once we confirm your order, you can expect to receive your delivery usually between 30 mins to 1 hour.

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Pick Up

Must be 21 & older. Please send in a selfie and copy of your photo ID to (202)-809-8521. The pickup process is as easy as delivery. The only difference isonce we confirm your order, we’ll provide you with a safe location to meet us and receive your gifts.


Contact Me

1221 Taylor St NW Washington, DC 20011 United States  |

 Tel: +1 (603)-733-4225

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for new clints 

if you are a new client you MUST send us a picture of your identification. Your picture, age, and Drivers License Number must be visible, you can block out your home address if you'd like.                                                                                        

*This process only happens once. It is to ensure our ensure our liability and safety.

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